• Semi-Private

    1-5 Clients



    Each session is an hour long. Semi-Private/Small Groups have anywhere from 1-5 clients training at the same time.  Though you'll be training at the same time as others, each person does his/her own workout based on goals and fitness levels. This is a more affordable option for you to get your training needs. Motivation can be gained from working out with others as well.

  • Private 1 on 1

    Just you & the trainer



    This is the ultimate in individualization for your goals. The program is specifically tailored for you to meet your goals, whether it is muscle building, weight loss, fat loss, strength training, etc. Each session is an hour long and training/nutrition programs are customized to fit training needs.

  • Online Coaching

    Get results anywhere!



    Customized workout and nutrition programs created based on individual goals. Unlimited E-mail support and guidance. Weekly accountability check to ensure that goals are being met and progress is being made. Programs are adjusted as needed to.

  • Nutrition Counseling

    Customized Nutrition


    Nutrition guidance and coaching. Individualize programs created based on your goals to reduce excess body fat, achieve weight loss, build lean muscles, etc. Strategies provided to increase your metabolism and reprogram your body to be able to maintain without having to diet forever.