When you become a member of the C3 Family, not only will you be losing weight, getting in shape, living healthier, and achieving your dream body—you’ll have fun doing it while forming long-lasting friendships that goes beyond just training.


Every session will always be challenging, yet fun at the same time. We believe that the best way to help you get to your goals is by working with you and not against you. Fitness is much more than just lifting weights or doing cardio. It’s a whole lifestyle change—a change that will transforms the way you think, feel, and look. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and accomplished every time. The journey is not an easy one, but it will be worthwhile once you reach the top. Limitations only exist if you believe they exist. Together, we’ll work as a team to help you cross the finish line.

You will get the attention that you need in order to perform the exercises safely and efficiently. Even when there is more than one person, you will never feel left out.

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Fitness Evaluation
  • Monthly assessments
  • Custom exercise and nutrition plans based on your goals
  • Proper supervision to ensure proper form and effectiveness
  • Unlimited support and motivation in/out of the gym
  • Faster weight/fat loss
  • And many more!